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Useful apps for recording interviews

An interview is different — in person, phone, Skype, and now even writing. And in most cases the most boring stage of the work is a translation of hex in an interview in readable text. This is especially annoying when the speaker (and you yourself) have not followed the time and now you have to decipher […]

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6 helpful tips about storytelling

About storytelling say each conference, but not all were able to ride this wild filly. Especially when it comes to creating materials for a large Corporation where everything is usually boring and pretty much regulate the dealings with all sides. Where to take breathtaking history, if you are working on the severe Urals production or […]

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How to write about facts and figures Part 2

Speaking of distances. And then we also need a standard, because if a kilometer more or less all present, here’s tens, hundreds and thousands of kilometers is already an abstraction. What about the length of lines of optical fiber, cables, wires, power, Railways, roads and other things? Here are a few points (I am giving approximate […]

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How to write about facts and figures Part 1

When we write texts for readers or speak in public, talking about the company or project, we often have to rely on numbers and cite specific facts. How to do it so that in the mind of the reader or listener to draw clear picture, not a set of abstract signs, which immediately fly out […]

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How to write for digital media

Electronic press that is correspondents shouldn’t just follow the fundamental concepts of writing, including precision and detachment in reporting, examining details, referrals, savvy words without punctuation errors and understanding of the market. Additionally they have to be ready to create within the design that best suits their press. Today folks browse the wording about the […]

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Sources of images for journalists

When creating content for the media, and business (PR, marketing) always need images to illustrate the text. Let’s consider the most accessible sources for legal images for media and PR from the point of view of convenience, cost and pitfalls. First, let’s say a few words about why it is important to the legality of […]

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Six secrets of excellent journalism

David Sides — journalist, editor and professional business writer from the United States giving instruction in his SlideShare journalists who only started to master a new profession. He shares not only the skills of a professional journalist, but also habits that writing any person should learn, having come into the profession. Us these tips seem […]

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Four services to optimize the press

If you are not the first day working in PR, you have probably thought about how much routine work sometimes you have to do to achieve some results. In particular it concerns everything connected with the media. On the one hand, like to send the same impersonal releases on the basis of bad form, but […]

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