We’d like to share the useful info about journalists’ activity in the internet

Useful tools for online journalism

We offer to your attention a selection of useful tools for journalists, online media. They will help in the New year to create content in accordance with the requirements of audience: mobile, with good visualization, the ability to share news in social networks with one click and new ways of user interaction. Tapewrite This tool […]

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Web apps for saving links

Frightening to consider exactly what a large amount of info needs to be refined to correspondents that are contemporary. From information, study towards the research of common business developments, and interviews – we anxiously preserve essential links below ultimately shed them because the visitor” the available websites of the “affliction 50. Just how many occasions […]

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General Steps in Writing an Argumentative Essay

Do you want to learn what you can think about other things? If yes, then it is worthy to compose an argumentative essay. Although you will see that one of the first things you should perform is to turn into a professional in this or that sphere. When you try to choose the subject, it […]

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Advices for attracting your audience using Snapchat

Snapchat ceased being only a device for message. The Uncover area that will be utilized not just 20 businesses having unique stations, this information system. Small and big companies make use of the function Snapchat Tales which allows one to produce a movie that is lengthy, mixing a video along with images as much as […]

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Apps for journalists for different purposes

In the twenty-first century, the phone has become an extension of the hand fingers which slide on the screen, running applications that have greatly simplified our lives. Let’s think about how you can use the full potential of your smartphone, if you are a journalist. Call recording Sometimes convenient for the expert time is extremely […]

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Free online portfolio services for journalist

Unfortunately, not a common tool when promoting yourself on the labour market, as in the West. Especially do not bother, unfortunately, the domestic journalists. Professionals working with content in this sense, a more responsible approach to business. And not in vain — a good portfolio is not only able to represent you in the best […]

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Tool for changing the color of the text

In the globe to entice of today’s the audience is interest gets tougher, therefore information websites could be helpful resources to be able to help the reading procedure. Audience modifications the text’s dark colour, making webpages, outlines of shades – that is various listed here is how it appears about the screenshot of the site […]

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How newspaper has returned 20% of readers who use AdBlock

A fascinating situation results — of the 31 thousand visitors German Le Figaro almost 6.2 trillion make use of the ad-blocker. The paper chose to consider extreme steps, preventing such entry of information. The book has were able to move section of these visitors to pay for a membership, although it has resulted in fascinating […]

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