Monthly Archives: September 2018

Photojournalism Today

At the last photo festival in Perpignan, the death of photojournalism was once again proclaimed. Guru photos complained about the lack of work, the loss of many photo agencies of independence and their subordinate position in relation to the largest corporations, such as Corbis, Getty and Hachette, which in recent years have successfully carried out […]

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Google Analytics in Journalist Work: A Brief Advisor

How to check if your material falls into the right audience? How to investigate whether you are optimally using the potential of the Internet to promote content on your site and how do you draw conclusions from this knowledge that will allow you to get better results? The most popular analytics tool in the world, […]

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The main Internet trends of 2018

Famous analyst and venture investor Silicon Valley Mary Meeker released an annual report on global Internet trends. The growth of Internet advertising and the potential of the mobile According to IAB and PwC, to which the report refers, in the United States, spending on online advertising grew by 21% in 2017 compared to 22% growth […]

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Academic Essay: Theory and Practice of Writing

In the international humanitarian tradition, this genre is considered in the context and terms of various scientific disciplines – anthropology, philosophy, axiology, literary criticism, linguistics, etc. From the point of view of disciplines concerned with human study, its origin, development, existence, essay – “one of forms of self-consciousness of culture”, “mainly in connection with the […]

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6 life hacks, how to make the article interesting

How to make the article interesting and easily perceived for any reader? The most frequent question asked by PR people is: “How should we accommodate ourselves?”. Alas, only a few of them think about the final result. PR specialists for some reason are sure that having got their information into the major federal media, they […]

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Problems of Modern Photojournalism in the Context of the Progress of Digital Photographic Technologies

Modern digital technologies radically changed the photographic process – the process of image formation under the action of light energy. Revolutionary changes in the technical sphere led to radical transformations of everything that is connected with photography up to its aesthetic component. Technological progress has extraordinarily expanded the boundaries of what is possible in modern […]

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