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Handbook to fact-checking Part 2

Write perfectly Don’t create everything — you’re correspondent, and the writer. Look for details and fascinating information. Do not waste power and report on moving info. Information that is create, not estimates. Then don’t concentrate on just how to provide the precise estimate whenever your objective would be to gather info. The precise phrases aren’t […]

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Handbook to fact-checking Part 1

Not to invent a Bicycle, we retell the reminder that it is a well-known journalist and digital Evangelist Steve Batry gives his students. Despite the fact that this memo is written primarily for journalists, Steve encourages you to use it not only in the media, but anyone who deals with public information — and now […]

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How to change the media by 2020?

Media from year to year is changing rapidly. For journalists, chief editors and publishers is especially important to understand in which direction the changes occur. We talked to the headliners of the forum “3D Journalism” about the trends that now shape the future of media.   From individualism to Hyper-local media “People no longer refer […]

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The worst job in the world Part 2

Such trolls rarely read articles to the end – it’s just details, and they are unimportant. For them it is a battle of worldviews. Here’s an example: in discussions about women’s rights in Hollywood, one reader wrote that there are few women in the industry owing to the undeniable influence of economic forces, noting that […]

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The worst job in the world Part 1

Mark burrows, former moderator of the website of The Guardian, who wrote about “the worst job in the world”. The number of comments on the site may exceed 70 000 units per day. Yes, there are trolls, but there are also witty and wise interlocutors, and community are worth fighting for. A few years back […]

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