Monthly Archives: December 2017

Movies about writers that you haven’t seen

The profession of writer belongs to the category of those that are interested and care about all of us. Moreover, it is nearly each of us affect all of us sooner or later have revised their life strategies, having read Tolstoy or Fitzgerald. No wonder about the profession of a writer’s written so many books […]

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Free online courses for journalists

The journalist is a curious person and active. The ability to keep abreast of what is happening and to respond quickly to events, the ability to take in new topics and shaping the news agenda — has become the criteria for success in the profession. Faced with a similar task in the few edition of […]

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Six productivity tips for writers

Well-known journalist, writer and producer Joel mark Harris in his blog gives advice on how to curb his Muse and make a writer’s work most efficient. You can say that you are constantly busy. In addition, I am a writer, producer, editor, journalist and scriptwriter. (And, frankly, I’m tired already, even from all this scribbling). […]

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Eleven retro films about job of a journalist

The profession of a journalist is often a dangerous, and difficult, and that is what is celebrated in a variety of artistic works, including dozens (or even hundreds?) films of different genre. Today we decided to do a compilation, perhaps the best in our opinion retro movies about journalists, were not only the classic movies […]

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Incredible photojournalists’ instagrams from around the world

Photojournalists can tell stories in photos. Sometimes one picture can convince us of something or to change our attitude towards any issue. Work photojournalists definitely inspires and causes us to look differently at the world. Gathered a few Instagram accounts of photojournalists from around the world, and strongly advises to subscribe to each of them. […]

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How to correctly write about religious, national and gender topics?

Delicate questions of journalism, it seems, do not rise anywhere except boring lectures on ethics, where future wordsmiths usually prefer to slumber. Due to the lack of formal orientation of the mentions religious, national or gender identity in the press can sometimes be found such that the eyes bugging out of their sockets with indignation. […]

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