Job of a Journalist

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10 tips for journalists who dream of writing about traveling

To enter journey journalism’s market is extremely challenging: there’ll continually be plenty prepared to create and a great deal anybody who would like to purchase this function. Lately, The Protector kept a web-based program of solutions and concerns into this world of exercise on methods of transmission. Area of the 12 asked specialists incorporated mark […]

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How to become a professional in journalism Part 2

Often, journalists are forced to deal with destructive online behavior. Understanding of phenomena such as trolling and online aggression to expand the interaction with the different moods of the audience. Knowledgeable the journalist also interested in the life of the professional community and key media industry events. Understanding of content: to do so, to be […]

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How to become a professional in journalism Part 1

Modern media worker, journalist including, sandwiched between uncharted practice and willing to teach him all the new media-trainers and consultants. Little choice: either to learn everything myself by trial and error or trust those who reviewed, streamlined and prepared in a concentrated form to pass on valuable knowledge (but without a guarantee of mastering). Because […]

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The path to a successful career in journalism

Usually the road to an effective profession in writing could be thorny. The Protector collected correspondents and coaches from other guides along with Reuters Bloomberg University to be able to talk about how to achieve the occupation. Selected on several estimates out of this talk. Discover a way to show your attention “You will be set […]

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What we need to change in journalism education?

Today, when educational post was published by any for that evening to be always a correspondent, perhaps inside your website, the query occurs concerning the requirement for writing training that is official. Based on a brand new statement in the Basis. The soldier and also the ” America “, writing today’s official training is more […]

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Inspiring quotes about job of a journalist

The correspondent – a sometimes even harmful and respectable. But actually the absolute troublesome and most effective journalists occasionally require a handful of great phrases about their function along with power is very important and essential to culture. We chose to gather for the other correspondents some inspiring rates on the function. The combined prospect […]

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7 alternative professions for journalism

Recently read an amazing news: disillusioned in their work, the reporter (and winner of an Emmy, by the way) got a job… a porn star. Here is what happens with constant pressure and demands of the profession. Don’t do that. Well, for us it was an occasion to ponder where, in fact, it is possible […]

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How to become a mag journalist?

If you dream about working in a fashion magazine, read carefully. The text below is for you. I dreamed of working in the glossy exactly with the moment I saw “Sex and the City“. Nothing that Kerry wrote only for Newspapers. Her life was easy and fun, all glossy and journalists in my mind and […]

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