July 3, 2017

Where can you get information in 2017? Part 2

In 2017, the tenth anniversary of the mortgage crisis in the United States, resulting in further economic collapse, have fallen in the world and has sunk. Than not the occasion to talk about the mortgage market? You can make history, an overview of the situation with analysis and expert opinion. You can compare us and our mortgage system. Rate better not to compare, unless you PR community exchange of food.

But you can on the subject to promote the financial or investment services, especially access to foreign investment instruments. You can promote the purchase of overseas property. To show how prices have fallen on homes in the same America, and traditionally to remind you that for the price kopeck piece within the Third transport ring in the US you can buy a decent house and still remain not the most shameful car.

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26 February – the presentation of another Oscar. This year, no such excitement as in the past, since #DiCaprio got his, and everyone joked on this subject, but still the event that attracts the attention of a large number of people. Watch movies too many. And American cinema, of course, ahead of the rest in popularity, as domestic producers are encouraging viewers something worthy extremely rare and in very small amounts. Therefore, the films nominated for an Oscar, actors that starred in them, and the ceremony itself, its history, the people who received the award in different years and all that goes with it is a great opportunity to talk with your audience about what she is interested in and thus increase her loyalty to your brand and its recognition.

April 14 – 100 years since the death who invented the most successful of the artificial international language Esperanto. According to the Wikipedia there are a hundred thousand to 10 million people who speak Esperanto. But even if the Esperantists are not your target audience, do not rush to dismiss.

The idea of an artificial international language with a simple grammar and easy in the study was always of great interest to the public. From childhood, we all learn English in school, and many, alas, never crossed the barrier numerous times, exceptions to reading rules and limited to the level “London is the capital of Great Britain”. But the dream remained. Dream to speak abroad with people from other countries and to be understood. A dream that is difficult and confusing English can learn a simple substitute and integrate into the global community is not dumb sheep, and the eloquent polyglot.

Therefore, the topic of Esperanto may attract a lot of attention to your posts. And to take this theme to the work, in my opinion, not only language schools or tutoring companies, and other industries.

In April – 105 years of the sinking of the Titanic. A great opportunity to promote sea cruises. No? Well, you can make a survey of known shipwrecks, including, and invite all to travel by trains.

In may will be 305 years, Peter the great moved capital. And again a good opportunity to invite a tourist to this beautiful city. To talk about how leaked Metropolitan life in St. Petersburg in the “accursed tsarist times”. As he lived bureaucratic St. Petersburg. Compare with bureaucratic Moscow ten years of the 21st century.

In June – 305 years since the beginning of the Patriotic war of 1812. And why not advertise tours in France?

For music lovers also have a few dates:

  • 13 April – world day of rock-n-roll.
  • On 20 February Kurt Cobain would celebrated fifty dollars.
  • August 16 – 40 years since the death of Elvis Presley

Literary works also give us a lot of reasons for publications and promotion: 320 years the tale by Charles Perrault “puss in boots”. What is not a reason to invite everyone in your Shoe store?

Space also does not sleep. October 4 will mark 60 years of the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, produced by our country and the beginning of the space era in the history of mankind.

This is not a complete list of all the events, anniversaries and memorable dates that will give you a good Foundation for the PR work in the information space. There are sports of the world competitions. A large number of cultural events. Professional and industry holidays. I mean not only the marine Day and the world day of museums.

Study calendars. Monitor the news. And most importantly, show imagination, creativity and humor.

Sit for an hour or so with calendars. It is possible to outline a very good plan of publications in social networks and corporate blog for 2017 year.

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Forward planning in this case is especially important if your company has a complex hierarchy and a lot of heads that need to agree in advance all publications, including on social networks.

It is possible to prepare everything in advance: to think in advance and write posts, coordinate them, and even if you want to put in a pending posting. Well, or to prepare for certain dates and put to not forget to post and announce.

A good reason and great coverage for you!

But if you want more detailed conversation about PR and social media – come for the conference “public Relations in social networks-2017”, which will be held on February 16-17 2017.

14 speakers, the most relevant tools for PR in social networks in 2017, a Express of advice, fresh case studies and great networking.

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