Monthly Archives: April 2017

How newspaper has returned 20% of readers who use AdBlock

A fascinating situation results — of the 31 thousand visitors German Le Figaro almost 6.2 trillion make use of the ad-blocker. The paper chose to consider extreme steps, preventing such entry of information. The book has were able to move section of these visitors to pay for a membership, although it has resulted in fascinating […]

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Podcasts for photojournalists

Photojournalists are often advised not to use headphones while working. Otherwise nearby may be something important that the journalists wouldn’t notice if you will not hear sound. It is not surprising that not many podcasts focused on photojournalists – and existing programs are not easy to find. Fortunately, there are several creators of podcasts, which […]

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4 tips to achieve the attention of a journalist

The foreign word “pitch” has long ago taken root in professional PR slang. If suddenly someone does not know what “pitch” is a short message to a reporter sent to pay attention to your company and may have written about her. This can be an e-mail, phone call or social media message. We drew attention […]

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How to become a mag journalist?

If you dream about working in a fashion magazine, read carefully. The text below is for you. I dreamed of working in the glossy exactly with the moment I saw “Sex and the City“. Nothing that Kerry wrote only for Newspapers. Her life was easy and fun, all glossy and journalists in my mind and […]

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