September 27, 2018

How To Write A Good Essay?


It is necessary to write briefly and clearly.

From you are waiting for manifestations of abilities to build and prove your position on certain problems on the basis of acquired knowledge and independent thinking.

The quality of any essay (essay) depends on three components: the source material (the abstracts of the literature, lectures, the results of the discussions, your own considerations and the experience gained on this issue), the quality of its processing (organization, argumentation and arguments), the argumentation (how accurate it correlates with the problems raised in your essay).

On the topic should first read 2-3 key articles or chapters from the books, which give a conceptual framework or theoretical arguments, provide empirical data, consider and evaluate the range of literature on this topic.

The structure of written work, as a rule, consists of such components as the introduction (the essence and justification for choosing the chosen topic), the main part (the reasoned disclosure of the topic based on the collected material), the conclusion (generalizations and conclusions).

In the introduction, it is very useful to give brief definitions of key terms.

However, try to minimize the number of definitions (say, 3-4).

Filling the main part, limit within the paragraph consideration of one main idea.

When quoting, always take the text in quotation marks and give an exact reference to the source (including the page number), otherwise the text will be considered plagiarism.

In conclusion, it is worth giving an indication of the application of your research, without excluding the relationship with other problems.


  • if you cannot answer the question;
  • poor organization of the response;
  • inability to follow the answer to the main question;
  • use of rhetoric (affirmation) instead of argumentation (evidence);
  • negligent handling of data, including excessive generalization;
  • If the narrative is too extensive and not supported by analytical material;
  • if other points of view are stated without expressing one’s own position;
  • repetitions (without the need).

If at the training stage it is still difficult to correctly express thoughts in which there is directness and frankness, it means that it is necessary to call specialists Due to their professionalism and vast experience, an essay on a given topic will acquire features of naturalness and originality.

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