April 17, 2017

How to become a mag journalist?

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If you dream about working in a fashion magazine, read carefully. The text below is for you. I dreamed of working in the glossy exactly with the moment I saw “Sex and the City“. Nothing that Kerry wrote only for Newspapers. Her life was easy and fun, all glossy and journalists in my mind and worked. On the heels of the party to the party thousands of dollars for a few words. Then the devil come on the heels of Prada and exactly how some fancy girls on glossy journalism, and reinforced the myths of type universal access to the closet. Making his way through his fantasies to harsh reality, I give you a few tips.

  1. Read magazines

The concept of glossy journalism is very extensive and includes really a lot of publications. Your task if you do not select one of the dreams, at least to determine the topic. Fashion, relationships, cooking. Defined? Read all the magazines that write on the topic. Number by number, from advertising text icon small to large articles. So you will understand the differences, features and, most importantly, what I want to see the editor’s gloss on its pages.

  1. Explore the topic

There is nothing more foolish desires that are not backed up by action. Come to the editor of Vogue to declare that you have read all their numbers from cover to cover and know what he wants to see the editor – a very cool and brave. But in order to get a good position you should at least know his subject. Fashion? The history of fashion. All. From ancient sandals to fantasies McQueen. And then, too. Food? Very trendy for. But just to be able to write about the pies a little. Need to know how they came into this world. Ideally, even be able to cook them. Who prepares pies the best? Huh? Relationship? Have the position sex columnist for Cosmo, because I’ve read on this subject all? Here you need experience. Personal and girlfriends, and all. If you are an expert in your subject – you will be happy to take any magazine.

  1. Go for an internship

Get into a cool magazine just. They are regularly looking for free labor. The strong force remains in the team. You get the experience, without which, as we know, not taken. And even priceless knowledge and tired of the million letters fingers. Immediately be noted in paid work, especially if you are young, not worth it. People from the world of gloss I love hard work and experience and do not like to waste their time. Show diligence on the training.

  1. Find friends who are already working in the gloss

Open the log, search for content authors and editors via social networks. Add friends, comment, like, trying to find common ground. Inadvertently misleading what you write. You mean, your name is on the job. Bingo!

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  1. Don’t be afraid to declare itself

Write in gloss anyone. Here is the news, despite the second paragraph. Most of the articles you write housewife Cosmopolitan, about trends tell students. Why? Because I found the courage to just write to the e-mail editor, a list of topics that can cover and who have never appeared in the magazine. Maybe now the editor sits and thinks that he needs “fresh blood”, “new look” and something else like that. Or some author is sick and cannot deliver the text on time. Just write in the journal about its existence, knowledge, capabilities, and a short list of topics. That’s definitely not the work which comes to you by itself. The work of the dreams you need to chase. But it’s worth it.

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