June 29, 2017

Where can you get information in 2017? Part 1

The question “Where to find interesting information?” is highly relevant to many PR people. Most companies naturally either do not generate news or this is the kind of news that sick for a long time and journalists and readers. But if nothing happens with PR has not been removed, the task of promotion and presence in the media and in social networks.

And what to write about? How to get response from the audience? Especially in social networks where corporate do not ride.

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A few years ago in our lives it’s the concept of news casting or real time PR. And it was just one of the answers to the question “what for them to write if there are internal events?”.

The method, as we know, is to get the hot news from the shared agenda and to make the locomotive of the information about it. To beat her in their news. To join the event. To take the news as an excuse to talk about their industry and their product. This powerful engine will take out our small corporate trailer not only from the pit of creative crisis, but a lot of the information arena. Will attract the attention of the masses and brought to the mountains of likes, hundreds and thousands of hits, and a long tape of rave reviews.

Of course, people are much quicker to react to reason, appealing to some famous and important events, especially if played with the events with humor. Many companies who find it difficult to surprise the target audience with something new and vibrant from the inside their life and daily routine, build the Foundation of his policy PR-presence in the information field that is on the joining to well-known events and news.

For social networks is generally ideal, because any good solution then takes on the character of the virus, bringing additional coverage.

And today I want to offer you some ideas on what the reason of the common agenda you could use in 2017 to promote your company, your content and posts in the communities, groups and corporate pages.

Let’s see what will happen in the information field in 2017, and that can be the object of our interest and theme for publication which should stick. The main thing is not to limit your imagination and to treat everything with humor. The readers love it.

In the life of our country and the entire Earth enough events that are discussed, expected or Vice versa are unexpected, but you can read about them in advance and pre-calculate the increase in the interest or to impress people.

For example, everyone knows that the November 7, 2017 will mark 100 years of the October revolution we can already assume how many people will want to be promoted, and that all feeds in social networks will be in the stars, the armored car of Lenin, hammers and sickles, portraits of the leader of the revolution, the cartoons on it and so on. One of the audience will nostalgically reminisce about how cool it was in the Scoop, and the second to find fault with this Scoop. Nevertheless it’s a pretty strong theme, and if you play it subtly and well, you can get a splash of interest to your publications.

The theme of political and like all political issues, it is highly risky. But if all the angles and mines, can be done in a neutral, beautiful and attractive for “red” and “white”.

Mark will be in December and there’s still time to plan interesting materials. You can write a review, article, historical post and just to remind you how it was, without going into evaluation. You can take your industry, and tell how she lived in those years. How to produce a product similar to yours, and where it was possible to buy (or not). How much did it cost and how many years were given to those who sold. If you sell cars, tell me how hard it was to buy a car as stood for years in the queue, how much it cost, and what it means for our money.

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Ate you a bookstore, tell us about the black market, the famous book flea markets, the cost of books for them that were valued the most, and that was a little interested.

Make the sausage? Why not think about sausage trains?

In General, you can find a lot of corners of the material, to catch not only those who remember and those who are born when everything fell apart.

Let’s leave political issues and move on to more worldly.

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