November 6, 2017

The worst job in the world Part 2

Such trolls rarely read articles to the end – it’s just details, and they are unimportant. For them it is a battle of worldviews. Here’s an example: in discussions about women’s rights in Hollywood, one reader wrote that there are few women in the industry owing to the undeniable influence of economic forces, noting that “women’s movies” is actually not profitable, that is why the picture of the “Bachelorette party in Vegas” (Bridesmaids, 2011) flopped at the box office. “Bridesmaids” grossed $ 288 million and was twice nominated for an Oscar, twice for the award “BAFTA” and twice for “Golden globe”. Success on all fronts. Our Troll (presumably male), apparently have not watched the film and paid no attention to his achievements, just because he doesn’t care. And he also didn’t meet anyone who looked at the picture, so he came to the conclusion that nobody watched. He decided to Express his point of view in things that do not think like a careless child with a coloring book and a poor set of crayons. To anticipate such attacks, which may prevent the topic of conversation – is an important part of the job of a moderator.

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Trolls turn to biting insects when grouped together. The poor experience observed in situations of mass attacks – whether because of the natural synergy of like-minded people, who like a herd of monsters, or the strength of the organization.

A personal market is brought by a few of the tales together with her ideas. There is just an example a Gamergate marketing campaign against ” justice players” in game titles. Post about the Gamergate that was website has drawn structured categories of individuals with an arranged strategy that particularly found the website to oppose any justifications and also to stop discussion. They intend to ruin, and also to examine. You will find climatechange, the intercourse industry the legalization of all or any medicines, bar booze and cigarette a large number of additional subjects that bypasses trolling, as well as strategy meant for the organic bakery.

A whole lot worse, if within the industry you will find “trolls marketing ” – settled military of fans who write-in benefit of the federal government. Restricted trolling from Korea is simple to identify due to the forever recurring expression “Your chief”. As the business in Spain, it’s terrible in its range for.

A writer for that Protector in Sean Walker published an in depth post about trolling this past year. But actually them did not stop. they have grown to be a genuine issue, although many bloggers don’t spend additional for articles about the subject of global politics, just some. Let me make it clear, performing something similar to governmental and industrial businesses with various values.

The alleged “astroturfing” it is excessively harmful and produces a misconception of the sights of regular people. Where nobody could trust each accuses the challenger of problem it results in a scenario. And what’s the end result? Any viewpoint and dirt combined, and also the discussion basically stop.

Organized trolling is not easy to resist but even harder to deal with trolls, which are combined in a natural way and are the real representatives of ordinary people. This is what happened during the influx of refugees. Over five years of moderation in The Guardian, I have never seen the problem attracted so much heartlessness, provoked such a violent reaction and caused such emotional and negative responses. I wasn’t even that hard.

Some commentators uneasy expressed the opinion in the style of “shame on you, but we are not able to help them” or “immigration should be controlled”. They wrote: “Let them drown”, “They deserved it”, if not worse. From the perspective of such commentators, we believe in sob stories and let threat that will cause our collapse. Trolling has acquired a patina of madness: faced two incompatible camps, so that on the website of the Guardian sparks were flying. And since negative comments treated articles, which was attended by the notes of participation, they seemed even sharper, dirtier and bidder.

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Moderators make their best efforts to curb such trends, creating strict rules of discussion “on the topic of” controversial articles block comments that do not conform to the topography and ban commentators who violate the established framework. But apparently not enough. With increasing global audience community The Guardian has expanded greatly over the past few years. Every month we attract more than 100 million users, the comments started to exceed 70 000 records per day. Conversations have become? Sometimes the number of review it is impossible to control.

Unchanged is the fact that the authors, commentators, readers who write in columns Dear Mariella or Sexual Healing (“Sexual healing”) is only human. Real people who are doing their job, just spend time or ask for advice. And if the comments are cruel, they hurt.

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