December 18, 2017

Movies about writers that you haven’t seen

The profession of writer belongs to the category of those that are interested and care about all of us. Moreover, it is nearly each of us affect all of us sooner or later have revised their life strategies, having read Tolstoy or Fitzgerald. No wonder about the profession of a writer’s written so many books and filmed so many movies. But I bet you haven’t seen everything? We decided to make a compilation of the weekend, which he dedicated to unusual movies about writers. There is everything from creepy thrillers to light Comedy that you can watch even with kids.

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Masterpiece of woody Allen, who, for some reason seldom found in collections of his best films. But wishing to build a career on his work, very recommended for viewing. Movies Allen always difficult to fit into one sentence, but try: this film is about the creative (and personal?) the crisis of the TV, which plunges himself into the abyss of confusion, trying to study human nature. And all this, of course, to the accompaniment of brand of sarcasm and exploring new York.


The main rebel second half of the twentieth century, Charles Bukowski wrote the screenplay for this almost autobiographical film. The main character Henry Chinaski is a writer and poet, an alcoholic who conducts his life in the bars of Los Angeles. He drinks, writes, fights, falls in love, bad leads, and turns tricks with their own fans.

American splendor

Screaming film about a depressed clerk Harvey Baker who is transformed into a real writer. His life changes dramatically when he meets the artist, who later makes a fortune in the comic book. His example has inspired Harvey to make his version of the comic book about an unremarkable middle-class life.


Make a little diversity in this list American films and add the Norwegian picture. A stunning and original film about the changing success of the two young writers more like no. There’s a lot of laughter and crushing experiences — a fascinating story and masterfully chosen music was not released until recently. No wonder, the film has collected seem to be all highbrow movie awards.


A wonderful Comedy about a screenwriter (Nicolas cage), who undertook the adaptation of a foreign book. It was so overwhelming that the result of a long creative and personal travails, he writes in the script itself. And this, as you can guess, with a direct impact on his own life.


“Bad reputation”, according to critics, was more lightweight version of the film “the Hood”. In fact, and in another film, the story revolves around Truman Capote and the time when he worked on the book “cold-Blooded murder”. In order for the book was believable, the author decides to understand the psychology of the killer and spends a lot of time in dealing with real serial killer who committed serial murder at the farm.

Mrs. Parker and the vicious circle

Anyone who is in love with the atmosphere of America 30-ies, be sure to browse. The film is about a writer and a secular career of American writer Dorothy Parker. On the one hand, this film is light and sparkling as the music of the time, but if he rips the veil from all that is going on behind the scenes of creative success.

Basic instinct

Yeah, okay, you this film certainly looked. And I know that there are no pangs of creativity and literary aesthetics. But in case you have never reached his hands, we recall the essence of the story. Smart, rich and super-sexual novelist Catherine Tramell is suspected of killing a former lover. The cause is taken detective that Katherine seems to be see through. All anything, but the scene of the murder is very similar to what is described in one of the novels Catherine… All of you watch this film for one single scene of interrogation (if you know what we are), but it’s worth watch to the end to tickle your nerves.


This story is not so much about writing, but about love. However, love is not quite normal and not quite a Hollywood ending. And Yes, it’s more about the poets than about the writers. Or rather, about the American poet Sylvia Plath (Gwyneth Paltrow) and the British poet Ted Hughes (Daniel Craig). Then all the torments of creativity, the dilemma between happiness and genius, an extraordinary love story and of course the sea.

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Total Eclipse

I bet you don’t remember what starred Leonardo DiCaprio before “Titanic”? Meanwhile, in its track list are very good movies even in his early youth. One of these movies — “total Eclipse”, telling about the odd friendship between young French poet Arthur Rambo and his mentor Paul Verlaine. Emotions, feelings, complex relationships with others and with ourselves — in short, everything that makes up the life of a creative person in almost any age.

Death trap

Writer Sidney Bruhl that once and only once achieved a great success, announces his extravagant wife Myra that he planned the murder of his student Clifford Anderson, wanting to assign a written manuscript. A good Thriller mixed with Comedy (or Vice versa?) with the participation of the incomparable Michael Caine.

Barton Fink

Crime Comedy about a young playwright who in 1941 came to Hollywood to write the script for a film. The basis for the creation of the main character was a Nobel prize winner William Faulkner. The film shows very well the phenomenon of “writer’s stupor,” so we encourage you to watch this film at least out of compassion. After all, who does not suffer from stupor, when the deadline was only a couple of days?


Great and not a stupid Comedy about the mess that you have created in your life once popular writer Grady Tripp. Everything you wanted to know about the seamy side of life popular writers in one. And Yes, a separate line is to provide a cast: Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, McDormand, Robert Downey Jr. and Katie Holmes.

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Jane Austen

Oh, and she found life hard women writers in Puritan England. The movie with Anne Hathaway in the title role tells the story of how Jane Austen began writing what choice she had to do, and what brought her to the title of the most famous and successful British writer of the early XIX century.

The Island

And here is the promised film that can be viewed from the child. Author of adventure novels, writing under the pseudonym Alex Rover, in fact — a notorious woman who most in the world is afraid of germs. From the house she is afraid to go out, and even at their own home only moves with antiseptic in his hands. But everything changes when she writes a letter to a small fan that got into trouble on a desert island somewhere far away in Asia, thus the writer to get out of the house, but on the other end of the globe.

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