July 10, 2017

Free publicity tools for your personal brand

Free publicity is a term that has long taken root in the West. Solo-entrepreneurs and professionals of the helping professions such as coaches, psychologists, consultants, owners of small and medium businesses, author’s personal projects and bloggers – I know that this is  free publicity opens a fantastic opportunity for a personal PR and their business. First you work on the record book, then the book works for you. First, you give value for free, then people are willing to pay handsomely for the fact that you continue to give it.

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In other words, the tools of  free publicity – it’s PR without a budget, which brings very tangible benefits to you personally and to your business:

  • helps you attract new customers and, therefore, brings additional revenue,
  • opens a new door due to the attention of those who were not previously included in your circle of contacts
  • come to you with offers of partnership, cooperation, tastings and experiments because you become interesting as a brand as a media personality,
  • event organizers are calling you to act, and Newspapers and journals that offer to publish their comments or articles, because I appreciate your expert opinion,
  • and finally, you get social “stroking” likes, recognition, recognize you on the street and other aglets popular author.

Now let us understand what these tools are and how to start to use them, if you are only thinking about your brand.

Texts. The first and most simple way to make a name for himself and force others to listen to themselves.

Write an article and publish it in the online media today is not difficult. Media is a business, and in order to have your article accepted and published, you need to meet all three criteria: fit the target audience of this particular media, was written in modern, readable format that is interesting and useful, as well as giving the reader value.

To develop their media, that is to create content on a social page or blog. Than more useful and interesting you sound, the closer to your audience’s values and meanings, the higher the probability that you are surrounded by a library.

Tip: whichever format you choose, the important thing to remember is that you as the author himself should not be ashamed of what you write, because the texts you will read and after a long time: everything that “lives” on the Internet, will remain there forever.

Video and YouTube channel

All say that video is the future. Users are increasingly turning to video content because do not like to read or even “unlearned”. The era of clip requires quick thinking, bright, emotional involvement. The good news: requirements for the production of video content has declined considerably. The picture is not so important how important sound. You can remove personal iPhone using an external microphone with the buttonhole, and that’s enough.

Tip: today’s users live an interesting, real video, not staged photography, the format of “behind the glass” instead of the polished Studio images. And it opens up great opportunities for scenes “at home” with tips, lifehacks, stories, interviews, or even TV series about their own lifestyle.

Live broadcast on Facebook

Now this is a priority broadcast format in Facebook, it is the very social network puts any live-stream in the priority of the show. Since competition in this field is not large, and few have adjusted themselves to the new technology, you can become one of the first to grab this trend by the tail.

Tip: choose a theme for your broadcast in advance or collect questions from its subscribers to speak in specifics and not to fantasize on the go. Live broadcasting is good because it immerses the viewer in real time, but it should not give out your badly prepared and impromptu feverish attempts “to say something just to say.”


To hold a webinar is easier than to gather him an audience. There are free and paid platform for mailing services for registration, guidance on conduct and TP. But before conducting a webinar, it is important to define its purpose: it sells a webinar that will somehow lead to your product or content in which you share with a listener benefit, appear to be an expert and create new content.

Tip: even if you are going to “sell” in the end, transform a webinar into a meaningful event, encouraging the listener to a specific action in the process of the webinar. The audience is so fed up with the information that is available everywhere for free, what costs a lot of effort to encourage them to do something, to engage and even more, to buy from you, if you do not create the element of interaction at the first stage.


Public speaking

How to make to invite you to speak at conferences and conduct their master classes? To start with, to report your availability to the organizers. You will not believe, but they are not gods, choosing on the secret list of brilliant speakers and are real people that you can greatly simplify the task of those that offer themselves. You’re not surprised that when looking for a job need to send out my CV? The same with public speaking. Compose your detailed resume or portfolio, determine the topics you are willing to talk, and act.

Tip: start small, moving to more. It is useful to construct for himself a “career ladder speaker” — where you can start, because, for example, know the organizers personally, or may arrange for their participation, and that is a distant dream, as, for example, participation in the Economic forum or TED talk. Many people know that a good speech like a good impromptu — prepared and thoroughly rehearsed at home. Regardless of you are a beginner or intermediate speaker, it starts with the text. And the text must be strong.

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