July 21, 2017

10 reasons to fall in love with the journalist

Valentine’s day is behind us and we decided to make the lyrics dedicated to love. To the journalists! Hard to call the profession of a journalist widely socially acceptable, but still some positive aspects to personal relationships in the professional deformation of a journalist you can find. Yes, of course, they are always in a rush, they are rather arrogant and consider themselves to be nerdy, but who is without sin? Let’s see what would be so good romantic relationship with journalists.

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  1. They respect mutual honesty

All the journalists over the years acquire a radar for bullshit. If you do not agree, they will understand it. Therefore it is better to be Frank with them, especially since they will also be honest with you.

  1. They have a broad Outlook

Journalism involves superficial (and in some cases advanced) knowledge of many subjects, from laser surgery to the aftermath of the adoption of any law. How else to write the article, if you don’t understand the issue? You will never be bored — they are always aware of everything, I have my point of view on many important issues and will be happy to educate you.

  1. If they promise to do something by Tuesday, they will do it

Journalists exist in conditions of constant deadline. The ability to fulfill the promises on time and to submit material actually feeds them. So rest assured that if you promise something to be done by a certain date, they most likely will do it. If they don’t get hit by a bus or something like that.

  1. They are very good in planning

They will never forget about your birthday or other important date — the ability to prepare for important dates in advance is also a distinctive feature of any journalist. How else to have time to collect all these expert opinions on the International day of service in outsourcing? If the journalist is not busy working, he is required to prepare everything in advance.

  1. They are all taken seriously

If you are going to go on vacation, they will find all the information in advance, consult with the experts and seasoned travelers, ready to all possible risks, and the tickets would pay for six months before you travel. They will put you vaccinated against all possible diseases, because here in Vologda was the case when vacationing in Thailand lady died from the bite of a tropical mosquito. To all important events in life, they are very well prepared. Moreover, when you have a baby, he would rather take the advice from the website of the international Association of physicians-pediatricians than from the forum moms at

  1. They always know where to go

Again, being in the thick of things, they confidently can tell you that a new bar has opened in the center two weeks ago and is it worth it to go there. They have exhaustive information about new concerts, tour team of international acclaim, premieres in the cinema and the theatre. But if you fell in love with the cultural or social browser it is possible that all the new places you will go with him. Despite the fact, absolutely free.

  1. They are not afraid of change

The life of a journalist — and there is a constant series of change. Every day you have to come up with new topics for stories, to put up with the quirks of the chief editor, the new owner of the newspaper, the ever-changing socio-economic and political conditions. This all leads to the fact that they start quite normally relate to changes of all sizes, from change apartment to having to move to a new level of relations.

  1. They are very determined

Reporters are accustomed to act quickly. Came up with the idea for a new article, went to the editor to consult and marsh to collect opinions of experts and to prepare the material. They have no time to linger, because otherwise a good topic go to someone else. In personal life it means that they kicked the tree immediately after the holidays instead of may. You are also not going to sit still. If you put the word out that you want to open your store next time they will already have the wool for the commercial real estate in search of the perfect locations for your future store. And no, they won’t leave you alone until you do it in the end will not open.

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  1. They everywhere there are people

With your hospital he once did in an interview with the Director of the Bank where you are going to take out a mortgage, every week he drinks coffee, and a spokesman for your carrier ready to do everything to the journalist and his entire family were the best rate and best service. Where mere mortals expect a long queue and a series of bureaucratic procedures, in the case of a reporter decided to call.

  1. They have good prospects

Your choice, certainly not a lifetime to work as a journalist. Perhaps very soon he will become an editor or go into another field — PR, Analytics, consulting or decide to open your business, normal size plenty with businessmen. Valuable people, began his career in journalism in the future will not go for sure.

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