June 8, 2017

What photojournalists can learn from projects like “Humans of New York”

Five years ago, Brandon Stanton created a sensation called “Humans of new York”. Every day on the streets he takes pictures of new Yorkers and publishes photos and short stories of these people about themselves. The project became so popular that it was published the book became a bestseller.

Now photographers in cities around the world – including Tehran, Sydney and Bombay – trying to repeat what did Stanton, and create their own projects in their cities. Projects there are so many that perhaps it is time to talk about creating a new genre, somewhat different from the standard short biographical portrait.

Websites and Facebook pages “the People…” dedicated to the residents of different cities around the world, make the characters in the stories of ordinary people, give them the opportunity to speak briefly about themselves, and this result tells us something important about the city in which they live, and about people in General.

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Joe Oliver, network engineer, specializing in computer security, works for the government. But his passion is photography, it gives her free time; as a photographer he has worked with such organizations in Washington as the Smithsonian.

Intrigued by the project of Stanton, Oliver nearly two years ago organized a “People…” in the nation’s capital. At first it was difficult to understand how to make strangers on the streets were opened to him and he told me something interesting that could be published along with their photos. According to Oliver, sometime later, after experimenting, he made a rough question he asks people is: “Tell me something from your past that makes you feel better when you think about it.”

“This is a difficult question, says Oliver. – I often tell amazing stories. Such stories are heard from total strangers five minutes ago we met on the street are amazing.”

But Oliver’s not just walks up to people and starts talking. First he decides who to approach. Oliver is looking for people who have “outdoor style” – for example, intriguing tattoos, clothes, or people who don’t behave.

“Because of external factors there is always a reason – he explains. – I think, as a rule, such people are able to talk more eloquently and give you more information, they are more relaxed”.

Oliver exhibits his business-card he understood he was a genuine shooter along with severe. It exhibits “Folks Of Washington’s gentleman site ” and describes just why he contacted that one individual and what he does. Then there’s the meeting – or, as Oliver claims, “you will find relationships” – conversation often continues just a few moments, optimum 10 minutes – he attempts to not be Invasive and never to create individuals with whom he conveys, invest a lot of time.

“Everybody is benefited by This, claims Oliver. They obtain an excellent tale can be told by an excellent picture “.

Often associated estimate and a photograph in the tale that Oliver accumulates, hearing the saving of the discussion seem on the webpage at night. People, which informs the chance to select whether or not they wish to have their titles described within the book are also given by Oliver.

With increased than 1000 pictures inside your overview, Oliver is attempting to provide to individuals whom he photographs, the capability to “be oneself”. This objective is actually notably not the same as objectives that will be set before a number of other correspondents impartially inform about individuals or activities. To what he does as writing nevertheless, Oliver refers.

“That Is [among] types of writing, since I tell tales, and these stories are informed in the point-of view of culture, using their own perspective, not in the point-of view of individuals,’ he claims. Are discussions that are personal, however they are of significance that is great “.

With whom he fulfilled within the span of the task, Oliver claims that of citizens, it had been the absolute most unforgettable one. Summer within the Playground he experienced a man who appeared as if a guy that was destitute. The person studying a journal and paid attention to radio stations.

” he looked over me, and I talked using the man that requested the query and stated, “you realize, Joe, I had been in jail. However, what is known by you? It’s essential for me to stay tranquility with oneself to become pleased in existence,” says Oliver. – This is when he’ll consume next a guy who understands. He does not understand where he’ll rest that [ he and ] describes the person that has everything. So long as I-live I’ll always remember.”

Due to their site, rich that were Austin has didn’t make use of the “People…”. But, based on is immediately linked to new York’s task ” People “. Abundant stated about Stanton as “my idol.”

“1000 times of discussions with visitors” started like a day task that was. However the wealthy proceeds to improve the amount of times he plans to put on, going for a movie about them speaking with visitors and informing a bit of the real history of every of these.

500 times their task currently has. from fulfilled within the club youthful citizens towards the pastor that discussed Charleston is recovering after lately taken a trend of protests he discussed various folks.

Rich stated this task was begun by him since I desired to understand better about that town, also to eliminate normal shyness and recently transferred to Charleston. For that task “1000 times” he’s to consult with visitors, also it makes him “escape”.

Unlike Oliver, rich the result is sometimes spends a lot of time photographing people and listening to their stories. Sometimes it takes hours, and sometimes in just a minute. In any case, he’s trying to learn and, when possible, asks personal questions, with the result that sometimes gets some interesting answers, which he quotes on the website.

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Positive approach – also part of the problem that confronts a rich. He says that, in addition to journalism, he also has to be a psychologist – find a place in which the interviewee or the interviewee will feel safe to allow people to choose what to place on the page in Facebook.

His ultimate goal is to publish an ebook that includes numerous photographs. But now he sets himself a simple task: to show who are, in fact, met people, and share these stories.

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