December 22, 2017

Useful tools for online journalism

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We offer to your attention a selection of useful tools for journalists, online media. They will help in the New year to create content in accordance with the requirements of audience: mobile, with good visualization, the ability to share news in social networks with one click and new ways of user interaction.


This tool will help make the audio more convenient for distribution in social networks. It offers a superior recording format with interactive maps that can contain text, image, quote and appear on the screen at any moment of sound recording. Accompanying card you can comment, send to contacts, add to bookmarks.

Adobe Post

With this mobile app you can quickly and easily create graphic images for social media sharing, send in emails and the like. Many templates will facilitate the process and save time for users that do not have the skills of working with design programs.

First Draft News

The website will be useful to journalists who daily looking for news on social media and should check the veracity of the information. The site has instructions on how to work with untested data, descriptions of cases with verification of content Analytics and collection free trainings and courses.


Resource with tools for content creation in virtual reality. First and foremost, it is about creating infographics for desktop devices, iOS, Oculus Rift and, subsequently, on Android gadgets.

Emoji One

Emodi, a new generation of simple and well known emoticons, already today is a full-fledged tool for communication, and in the future their role will only increase. One Emoji free allows you to embed smileys like in any project or online product.


Minimal design with no extra tools, nothing will distract you from writing text. Paperr has only the built-in search in Wikipedia, Inbox, the ability to print text or download it in PDF format.


Mobile app, which offers a complete set of tools needed for photo editing, a regular user. If you are a professional photographer, and for work using photos from a smartphone or tablet is an image editor for you. Enlight made the list of 25 best free iOS apps of 2015 by Apple.

It argued that with the development of Internet journalism has become accessible to everyone. Among the supporters of such a theory — the founders of the resource that has a single goal: to help the work of journalists from all over the world, seeking out stories and extending them.


The resource will appeal to fans of the video in the Internet. Dextro analyzes and improves the characteristics of the video, making the video easy to find search algorithms, and includes it in the search results, and distribute it.


Mobile voice recorder app with an Arsenal of features that will help to make the final audio products high quality and ready for distribution to the audience.

Cardboard Camera

If you have an Android smartphone — you can shoot and view videos in the format of virtual reality. Usually this will require additional virtual reality; that’s the kind recently demonstrated by the team players in American football.

Andy Kirk

This book to learn the basics of data visualization, the concept of creating interesting content in the digital space and modern web design in the text.


An online service offering a new model of work of editorial offices of news as with the material and with the audience.

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A kind of organizer for mobile programs you always use on your smartphone or tablet. The program remembers up to two hundred related action, helps to work from a mobile device much faster and more efficient.

CartoDB: One-Click Mapping

A convenient tool for creating map images based on the downloaded data. The algorithms of the program review information and offer to create a map of your city, country or region with the division into columns according to the available information.

If you always want to be the first to learn about new tools for journalist, join this open online platform. Partaking will be able to learn new programs immediately after their appearance in the Network.

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