September 19, 2017

The text about the modern mass media Part 1

Watching his tape in FB, I always wonder how often gets there information not intended for certain audiences. And how, trapped in a hostile environment, begins to cause a series of ideological point of explosions and crashes in the comments. The Internet not only gave the media the opportunity to get closer to its readers, but also forced them to open up to the reader, which to them had not been asked.

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Before with the limitation of the audience, it was much easier — members of certain audiences just knew what they need to buy or write such a magazine. So the magazine came only in the hands of the target audience and the General public interest for him to check was not necessary.

Now, when many of the media already out on the Internet, but haven’t pulled, the public is regularly rocked by some scandal that the only reason for which lies in the fact that people live in different realities, different worlds, different values and attitudes. And this is most evident when it comes to money, relations of the sexes and the difference in the level of professionalism (and the degree of elaboration of the theme — as a consequence). And each time this occurs an ideological breakthrough with such force that it seems that we still not got rid of the remnants of the Soviet past, in which all should be equal, and the alternative opinions and ways of life cannot be.

For example, with regularity, a public reprimand goes to Tatler magazine. Recent — all with a kind of demonic glee cackle over an interview after the divorce. But what’s remarkable — Laura everything got even Tatler and blogger Cosharel, which kind of youthful prowess roll all manifestations of “the hard life” video. It’s funny that people are more likely to repost this entry in LJ, and not the original interview. I suspect that many of the original, and even read the text even direct no link and too lazy to Google. And burst. People rushed to discuss the fact that rented an apartment for her clothing Patrick how much “threw” her life, and that trip to the Maldives — it is a “coincidence”. Ah, what a poor unhappy rich girl. Whether the case Jackdaws husband left, took an apartment, does not pay child support and is now divorced wife must live with children of 10 thousand a month. This is real life, and what? Trifles!

Understand how to put it mildly. It Is Featured In. This is a magazine about the lifestyle of the very wealthy and well-known in certain circles of people. It’s not even about gossip about stars — for such magazines type StarHit. In Tatler some people with read about other people. The magazine for those 3-5% of people who systematically live a little better than the rest. They have their own idea on the costs and problems, its own coordinate system, their worldview. And the reality of the problem is absolutely vital, and not at all flimsy. In other words, from West the text, by definition, was not supposed to catch the eye — she’s not his target audience.

Or, for example, in the same Tatler had published a text about how to build relationships with workers. And it’s not coming on the cleaners, which has ceased to be a rarity in middle-class families, and of the whole staff of servants, which is constantly in your house and for which there is always work. It would seem, from the point of view of practical benefit to a particular audience, the text does not differ from the material a La “How to setup WordPress site”, who love to read home-grown business. But no — they held up here. Of course, the social conflict was built on the indestructible argument “all these rich”. Some managers are offended that some kind of Butler can earn 200 thousand dollars a year — just as they passed a difficult school of corporate management and an MBA. Well, and so on. And once again is featured. Most likely, you are not the target audience of this magazine, even though you sometimes want to think that it’s quite the opposite.

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Or, for example, the theme of “proper” parenthood — also Bach quite regular. Article on Village about how a young middle class family cope with a small child and puts an end to the business, work and life just blew up “Mama” forums and comments. Although, it would seem that the Village understands that it reads approximately the same category of people belong to the heroes of the material. But no. Poor heroes got the most unflattering epithets and accusations of consumerism, irresponsibility (well as you can with a child in a bar to come! quite crazy), selfishness and other deadly sins. Again, when the text went out a little beyond the tube hangouts Village, most of which sympathized with heroes, the dam burst. Women from the forums mom pilfered material for quotes and relished the details of life, which life is impossible, if you have a small child and no money for Montessori-kindergarten. In this case, the next branch in all seriousness, it was discussed that the soap in the vagina is a great method of contraception, “without chemistry”. What ideological Gulf that lies between inmates forums for moms and readers Village, I think no need to explain.

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