October 25, 2017

The fundamental laws of the journalism

The legend of journalism, writer, broadcaster, citizen of the world and one of the best interviewers in the country Vladimir Pozner famous stand condescending attitude to the state of journalism — apparently not without reason. We have studied a few interviews and transcripts of his public lectures, and took the liberty to bring to you a few quotes of Vladimir Posner on journalism, freedom of speech and all that we all care so much.

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Introducing, the laws of the genre:

Journalism is like a watchdog that barks when something is not in order, paying thus attention to the problem. A real journalist barks not because he is nice, but because it is his duty and obligations.

In order to the fourth power must be the other three. And if not, then there is no fourth. Real is independent from each other. Otherwise it is not power.

You cannot teach a person to be a journalist, because it’s a lifestyle, it’s a certain inner state. Generally, it is ridiculous even to speak about it, but in journalism there are some principles.

Principle number one: to tell the truth. Second: to be able to keep in check their own likes and dislikes. And the third is to be objective. When people cease to believe their media, their power is to be hoped for?

What could move the country if the vast majority of people say “It’s all a bunch of crap”? Of course, we are biased — we’re not robots. But we can try. We all know when you do and when not to. Myself-I can’t lie.

To work in television, can I know the language not in perfection. Generally in perfection, no no do not know the language. The faculty of journalism is a mockery. People 18 years old knows nothing and he is a journalist — why? What he has to say? He understands that in this world? The patriotism of a journalist is to show where bad.

Because no one else will tell. Have you ever heard that the authorities showed “Look how bad we made”? Local government, Federal. Did you see that? I personally do not. And who will do ordinary citizens? Who will say “Ay! See”? The journalist cannot change anything — the fourth power can only inform, to draw the attention of all and above all (and maybe not primarily), and other authorities that’s not okay — it’s her problem.

When we talk about the independence of journalism, we understand that each of us as a journalist dependent.

It depends on the person who hired us to work. But we’re talking about independence from other authorities — Executive, legislative and judicial.

Interview I love. For me an interview with the Queen of journalism. I get great pleasure — in General, you can do almost anything you want.

In television journalism, the most important is the ability to break through the screen as if to sit next to the person you are looking for. This is a major television talent. The journalism profession is not as romantic as some people think.

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