June 16, 2017

Ten comedy movies about journalists

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On the calendar Friday, and that means that on the weekends you’ll want to watch something funny. It is clear that high praise from critics, these films do not pretend, but to laugh can be quite a. Not to offend anyone, we decided to search movies about “writers” journalists, and about those that work on TV and radio.

  1. Ask Cindy (2001)

Not very successful broker, Ryan begins to lead in a newspaper column on behalf of his ex-girlfriend Cindy who was safely away from him after he fell into the ranks of the losers. It all started as a joke, but in the end, the hero Bus so went into a rage that the letters started coming “Cindy” bags.

  1. I love trouble (1994)

Two reporters from rival publications in the performance of Julia Roberts and nick Nolte, trying to beat each other in pursuit of sensation. Like probably any movie from the 90’s here in the Comedy plot interfering with the scene of the action. But where do without them!

  1. Sensation (2006)

Woody Allen does not know how to remove bad. In the Comedy “Sensation,” the Ghost of the deceased journalist Joe Strombel tells a young student of the faculty of journalism (Scarlett Johansson) plot for a sensational story. If you are going to persuade your wife to see this movie, then by all means tell me what it starred Hugh Jackman.

  1. Groundhog day (1993)

TV commentator played by Bill Murray got into a strange situation once he arrived in the hick town to celebrate Groundhog Day. And time take and stop, rewinding second of February in the calendar again and again.

  1. How to lose a guy in 10 days (2003)

Classic Comedy, tied to the dispute. He needs to fall in love with a girl and she was so tortured new boyfriend, so he ran out on her sparkling heels. At first, of course, torture for both, but then it all kinda becomes nothing.

  1. Radio day (2003)

If you have not watched this movie, it lost a lot. Live stream of the famous radio station at the crucial moment it all went wrong, and had to invent on the go. As a bonus, the film is a lot of good music. Wife have to say that this film is “Quartet”.

  1. Good morning (2010)

Young and ambitious producers (Rachel McAdams) comes to work on the show, the ratings of which leave much to be desired. By hook or by crook, swearing with leading, bargaining with the management and those still throwing feints live, she tries the most to raise the rating.

  1. The naked truth (2009)

Another hilarious Comedy about the relationship between the host of the show (Gerard Butler) and his producer (Katherine Heigl). With children it is better not to watch a lot of jokes below the belt.

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  1. The Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Favorite Comedy of all thirty of the girls talks about how Bridget Jones, faced with the obstacle of a personal nature at work, decides to radically change the vector of his career and go to work on TV. Along the way she tries to get out of a number of its existential crises, having met his love and having fun with friends.

  1. Walk of shame (2014)

A reporter for a second-rate channel, carrying the dream of a career leading. But here’s the thing — the night before the biggest interview in her life, she is in a strange area, without a car, mobile phone and even friends. The situation did not ease the fact that her super-short yellow dress her mistaken for a prostitute on almost every corner. Hopefully some from our list you liked. Pleasant viewing!

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