July 7, 2017

Lovely fiction books about journalists

Many famous writers of the past worked in journalism: mark TWAIN, Remarque, Ernest Hemingway, Anton Chekhov and many other workers of the pen once wrote for Newspapers and magazines of his time. Not surprisingly, the profession of a journalist is firmly in the list of heroes of many classic works. We dug through our library and compiled a list of fiction books in which the main characters are journalists. To rank them, of course, we have no right, so just list.

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“Fiesta”, By Ernest Hemingway

In the center of the novel “Fiesta” (“the sun also rises”) is the first product that truly glorified the author, is the story of journalist Jake Barnes, is largely based on the facts of the life of Hemingway.

Jake won on the fronts of the First world war and was seriously injured, because of which lost the ability to physically love a woman. But of course, he is in love. The events take place almost throughout Europe, but the Central place is occupied by Spain and bullfighting taking place there. Despite the amazing ease of the work, Hemingway raises a number of very important topics inherent in the “lost generation”. About the journalism here, of course, almost is not a word, but the book should definitely be on the list of must-read at least out of respect for the old man Ernest.

Favorite quote:

I distrust all candid and upright people, especially when their stories about themselves most likely.

“Sensation,” Arthur Hailey

“Sensation” (in another translation — “Evening news”), telling about the mess in the edition of the evening news, in the 90 years a very long time, was a bestseller.

Peruvian terrorist organization “shining path Sendero” kidnaps the family of the broadcaster company of si-bi-Hey Crawford Sloan. In exchange for the lives of the hostages, the terrorists need to show live telecasts of five under the General title of “the World revolution: Sendero shining path shows the way”. The leadership of si-bi-Hey decides to form a group to search for the hostages, headed by one of the best correspondents of the company Harry partridge. Of adds fuel to the fire that one of the kidnapped ex-girlfriend partridge. The book has great language, high attention to detail required in this case, suspense and a surprise ending that is characteristic of other novels Hailey.

Favorite quote:

Yes, here still that: at the end of the transfer Crop say a few words – to thank those who sent telegrams and generally expressing sympathy.

– From you?

– Well, of course. Right now working on the text of the three lyricist.

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“The rum diary” hunter s Thompson

Famous American writer hunter s Thompson during his short life wrote some wonderful books, which include, without doubt, and “the Rum diary”. Thompson began writing the book during his work in the Puerto Rican newspaper, and many of the characters in the book “cheated” with their colleagues.

In the center of the plot — a drunken American journalist Paul Kemp, who wrote the editors of the local English-language Newspapers in Puerto Rico. Among the reporters of the Newspapers are dominated by alcoholics and idlers, so that the newspaper is on the verge of closing. Not that Kemp wanted to save her from ruin, but the everyday life of the main character are described vividly and lively, they stagger around, eat sandwiches, drink (it is not difficult to guess) rum, touring around the area killed by the cars and regularly get in trouble with the locals. Without women too, of course, has not done. If you somehow managed not to watch the film adaptation with johnny Depp, we strongly recommend that you first read the book.

Favorite quote:

Everywhere were people, which I kind ten years carefully avoided: clumsy woman in knitted bathing suits, pot-bellied men with hairless legs, the lifeless looks and confused laughter — one and all Americans, and terrifying all the same. “These people thought I should keep at home in the States — locked in the basement of some “X-club” and tame erotic movies; if they need a vacation, show foreign species film; well, if they’re still unhappy, send them into the desert and pull them rabid dogs”.

“Dear friend” guy de Maupassant

But what we’re all about the twentieth century? There have been earlier novels about journalists. Among them — “Dear friend” by guy de Maupassant. Old France in one scene of twisted journalism, love sprees, secular woes, political scandals, money and lack of conscience.

The main character — a pretty and rather selfish young man Georges duroy, which in addition to charisma, has virtually no talent. He makes an attempt to become a journalist, resorting to the services of “writer” — friend of the ladies, but his plan fails, however, to work in the newspaper he miraculously manages to stay. All recount will not — there’s a lot, and even has a scene of a sexual scandal around a famous politician. Just read. Maupassant, of course, a bit cynical, but fascinating.

Favorite quote:

To get a competent person is not difficult, believe me. The thing is, that you are not caught in some blunder. It is necessary to maneuver to avoid difficult situations, avoid obstacles and with the help of the encyclopedic dictionary to put the Shoe on the other. All people are all ignorant and stupid as logs.

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“Land of fog”, Arthur Conan Doyle

Don too well known book of “Challenge of socio cycle,” tells the story of the daughter of Professor Challenger Enid and his old friend, reporter Edward Malone. Enid along with Malone explored the doctrine of the spiritualists, and later became its adherents. It turned out that Enid is the best medium, and that extraordinary ability daughter made Professor Challenger to reconsider their materialistic views. Say, Conan Doyle wrote this novel impressed by the deaths of several people close to him, so spiritualism runs through the entire book. But certain place the journalistic investigation in the story is also found.

Favorite quote:

– What you professed religion?

– Catholicism.

Is the right religion?

– All religions are right, if help the person become better.

– So, no matter to what Church to belong to?

– It is important that people do and not what we believe.

“The trajectory of the crab”, Günter Grass

In 2002 and little-known book by the Nobel prize winner Günter Grass tells the story of how a journalist, who worked for many years in a relatively left-wing Newspapers, is the child born on the “Gustloff” (the German ship) at the time of death of the ship. His mother miraculously saved. She was on this ship among the German refugees, most of whom were women and children. There is intrigue, longest in half a century, so all the cards will not disclose.

Just to say that those who are interested in historical novels and would highly recommend. Besides, the Nobel prize winners is not always a sin to read, right?

Favorite quote:

Some of the then talent is no longer alive. Two-three achieved fame. My former teacher, it seems, scribbled, or not hired me to work wouldn’t my Customer. However, I tried to move along the trajectory of the crab. Too much hard work, I said to the Customer, not worth powder and shot. Both crazy, that one, the other. One imagines himself a hero who sacrifices himself to give his people an example of courageous resistance. Maybe the murder changed for the Jews something for the better? On the contrary! Terror was legalized. And after two and a half years, when the Jew Herschel Grynszpan shot in Paris of the diplomat Ernst von Rath, the answer was crystal night. Or, let me ask you, acquired by the Martyr to the Nazis? Except that there a name for the new liner.

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