December 3, 2017

Incredible photojournalists’ instagrams from around the world

Photojournalists can tell stories in photos. Sometimes one picture can convince us of something or to change our attitude towards any issue. Work photojournalists definitely inspires and causes us to look differently at the world. Gathered a few Instagram accounts of photojournalists from around the world, and strongly advises to subscribe to each of them.

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Photographer Randy Olson works in documentary photojournalism. Often Olson has partnered with National Geographic, his work has also been published in the pages of LIFE, GEO, Smithsonian.


Ed Kashi photojournalist Agency VII Photo and National Geographic. His professional portfolio is a series about Africa, Syria, Mexico, and he recently produced a documentary about the men of Nicaragua, which, collecting sugar cane, suffer from serious diseases. The screen 2015-11-20 to 15.41.29


Renowned photojournalist from Australia Adam Ferguson worked at the VII Photo Agency and collaborated with Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Stern and many others.


David Guttenfelder 20 years worked as a photojournalist Associated Press and has won many awards, including such prestigious competitions as Pictures of the Year International and World Press Photo. In 2013, TIME recognized best of Instagram: the photographer has obtained permission to use a smartphone in North Korea and showed the world the life of a closed country. Now he is a photographer for National Geographic.

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National Geographic photographer Marcus Blondel — a great reporter and portraitist. His instagram is lively and often dramatic footage from Africa, where shown and at the home farm, and colorful African women, and starving children.


Photographer Gueorgui pinkhassov winner of awards from World Press Photo, Bourse de la Ville de Paris (France), Society of News Design Award of Excellence (USA). He’s published Geo, Actuel, the New York Times. Adopted in the world’s oldest photo Agency, Magnum. Most famous was his book, sight walk, dedicated to research specific types of light.

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Phil Moore, a British freelance journalist living in Berlin but shooting all over the world. There is a whole series of very cool photos taken in Africa.


Michael Christopher brown — American who has long lived in Congo and relieves local residents and events for National Geographic magazine.

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Photojournalist Kevin Freyer lives in Asia and relieves local residents, nature and landscapes to GettyImages.


Australian photojournalist Andrew Kilty lives in Afghanistan and documents everything that happens around.

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