September 29, 2017

How to become a professional in journalism Part 2

Often, journalists are forced to deal with destructive online behavior. Understanding of phenomena such as trolling and online aggression to expand the interaction with the different moods of the audience.

Knowledgeable the journalist also interested in the life of the professional community and key media industry events.

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  1. Understanding of content: to do so, to be loved?

New content formats and require innovative approaches for working with information. The actual journalist begins with a review of approaches to work with data and sources, arming the “Source 2.0”. After the detection and extraction of information, you need to check to verify. It comes in the tools fact checking.

At the Assembly stage material it is important to make the content interactive, is resonance, involving. For a big story would be the best format multimedia.

Interest not mean neglect of small formats. The trend in the atomization of content, especially on mobile platforms, requires the ability to compress messages and meanings. As in the case of journalism, “a quick glance”.

A promising journalist sees new possibilities for creating video content and model of development of audio formats. His attention is drawn to the visualization and the potential of infographics. The search for new forms of presentation of information, constant experimentation with content is the sign of a Mature understanding of the modern processes.

The astute editor understands and psychological features of perception of the content and know useful tricks for attracting the attention of the audience. This helps to make its materials more clickable.

New journalist tech-savvy in the creation and dissemination of content. If not versed in the basics of programming, that is logic and the schema of the content management systems (CMS), at least. He knows how usability affects the quality of perception and assimilation of content. Therefore trust the results of engine tests (for example, on the model of A/B testing) more than their own opinion.

Friends with the device, so is able to create and broadcast content in the “here and now”. Easily create text live broadcasts, or powers from the event in video format.

Holds ready a smartphone, for example, with the app Periscope. Knows what he’s capable drones, and how to use them to get an impressive picture.

  1. Understanding media: what and how to communicate with the audience?

Understanding media begins with expanding the boundaries of their own experience. A serious journalist committed to look into the future, tracking trends and using the methodology trend watching.

Also help predictions on media trends. Valuable to track changes at the intersection of media, journalism and technology. To the attentive researcher will give a lot of observation of new digital publishers. It is useful to keep abreast of global issues such as cyber security. Of course, media production aware of the hidden possibilities of the Internet and the “deep web”.

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A journalist sees the future of gamification for the media. He is interested in the possibilities of new interfaces and wearable devices. He obvious trend of transition of the audience to mobile platforms and the need to master the messengers in theory and in practice. On the side of adept of digitalization in the journalism virtual assistants-bots, services, automation of social networks, computer algorithms and even real robots. The actual journalist reduces the distance in communication due to the information logistics. In this he was assisted by the services of intermediaries. For example, such as HackPack.

Today, all journalists need to follow the development and trends of the advertising market. It is better to be aware of advanced advertising technologies such as Programmatic. Journalists have something to learn from advertisers and brands. Moreover, conditions for convergence exist, at least in formats for native advertising and brand journalism. Even better is to learn to think like marketers.

If you are behind in editorial development, it is easy to catch up. You’ll definitely need a plan to make their digital edition. For its creation it is important to track global trends in the development of revisions and to adopt innovative solutions.

Win-win strategy is to keep track of what worried and what was discussed other publishers. Can not do without a system of incentives for their employees. But the main thing – to be mentally and technical change and not to fear challenges in the way of change.

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