September 26, 2017

General Steps in Writing an Argumentative Essay

Do you want to learn what you can think about other things? If yes, then it is worthy to compose an argumentative essay. Although you will see that one of the first things you should perform is to turn into a professional in this or that sphere. When you try to choose the subject, it is necessary to get rid of some points that cannot be won regardless of your strong feelings about them. Nowadays, the five topics of the day are the issue of abortion, freedom of speech, the right to die (euthanasia), gun control, and death penalty. These great topics for argumentative essays may be examined by means of reading informational sources because the majority of people are familiar with these problems and, therefore, may focus on the comprehension of the method of argument. Although you should take care to read one side as well as the other one. More often than not, too many people familiarize themselves with that side they already believe in.

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  1. An understandable stance which is taken by an author. State your stance within the frames of the thesis. It is no reason to say: “I think that all of us have to back up the space station financially.” Instead of that, you can say: “The space station funding is compulsory to assert the competitive edge of America in the global economy.” The thesis may be changed elsewhere within the paper in case you have to qualify your stance but get rid of hedging within the frames of the thesis.
  2. A persuasive argument. The argumentative paper does not necessarily confirm the point of view; though it introduces an argument, and the given argument should be supported by facts that are able to persuade readers that the point of view is a feasible one. These facts cover the testimony of others in the form of personal questionnaires and individual interviews, statistics, or testimony of others through examples, books, and articles.

Familiarizing with these functions will turn out to be a real argumentative essay helper for you.

Steps to Write an Argumentative Paper

  1. Make a decision regarding the subject. Assure yourself that is of great interest for you and that it is not too narrowed down or too broad to be analyzed in an adequate way.
  2. Start the library analysis. Begin with computer subject headings or card catalogue. Do not forget to apply the periodical index. One of the best ways may be to look for several general books on the topic, and after that learn the lists of references in the back of these books. Sometimes, the most qualitative sources can be found in the given way. You can notice, during your reading, that this or that person can be quoted repeatedly in a few sources. In addition, if you do not know how to start a paragraph for an argumentative essay, the library analysis can assist you as well.

Since you are looking for some probable sources, try to make a list of those sources you will not apply at all, sources that may be applied, and those sources you will apply for sure. This approach can help you to save time a bit later when you may feel a necessity to return to the library.

  1. After some knowledge regarding your subject matter has been acquired, it is high time to make a decision regarding your individual questionnaire in case you decide to apply one.
  2. Compose the overview, rough copy, and after that the final paper. After that try to rewrite it in order to make it sound as expert-like as possible. To do that, keep in mind to follow the correct argumentative essay paragraph structure.

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