July 5, 2017

Free online portfolio services for journalist

Unfortunately, not a common tool when promoting yourself on the labour market, as in the West. Especially do not bother, unfortunately, the domestic journalists. Professionals working with content in this sense, a more responsible approach to business. And not in vain — a good portfolio is not only able to represent you in the best light to the employer or customer, but also incredibly disciplinary to collect the results of their disparate works.

In General, if we convinced you, here are a few cool services through which you can easily collect a decent digital portfolio. Then, when there is no time to explain, you just throw a link with your work to a potential customer — and not waste time on painful collection of texts from multiple sources in one letter.

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  1. Pressfolios

One of the most famous platforms for storage of the content material that is not ashamed to show the employer is Pressfolios. Portfolio is organized simply and without embellishment. Very convenient that you can attach as links to materials and a PDF for those who work in print media or on the resources with paid access, a very convenient option.

For example, here is a portfolio of independent journalist, author of Guardian, the Telegraph, Esquire, The Independent and many other well-known media Alex Hannaford.

  1. Clippings

Unlike Pressfolios, Clippings service is suitable not only contributing journalists and authors, but those who create a variety of content formats — text, photo, mixed media projects, YouTube videos and TV, and even podcasts. If you are working with different types of media or topics, they are all easy to sort on specific thematic blocks. Very nice bonus platform it is very well adapted for mobile devices and your portfolio will look good, even if someone will be watching from your smartphone.

For example, how does the portfolio political commentator from Berlin Naomi Conrad.

  1. Muck Rack

Another classic of the genre storage portfolio and information about yourself among Western journalists — service Muck Rack. But more about that some other time.

The advantages of the service — it’s convenient, then you can keep not only your work but also links to their social networks and blog, and write a small description of your experience and professional interests. In General, it is improved many times summary. For example, here is the website of the Fortune journalist Erin Griffith.

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  1. About Me

Despite the fact that About Me is not exactly a site to create a content portfolio is a very useful tool for those who have long thought about having a website, but somehow did not grow together. In fact, it is this site that tells about you and all of your entities in social networks, blogs and other platforms.

Especially popular About Me just among Western journalists and writers. A nice feature of the site — then you can get Analytics about who, how and when viewed your page.

Here is the website of the dietitian and the author of books about healthy food Darius rose.

  1. Flavors Me

Another site, but with much more advanced features than About Me. Author page with individual design can be created on a shared domain, and if you buy the premium account ($20 a year)— then you can bind everything to their own domain name. There to a paid account attached is still a huge number of useful chips. Very pleased with the number of templates and room for imagination — without any knowledge of code can create a very good website with all necessary links — on social networks, work and blog. The creators promise 222 types of fonts, but it is worth considering that Cyrillic list of available fonts, is still much more modest.

In General, fellow writers, Philo and create a good web presentation. And then look how many cool tools we have invented. You only need to click a few buttons and collect from a million kilometers folders and links something sensible.

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