December 15, 2017

Free online courses for journalists

The journalist is a curious person and active. The ability to keep abreast of what is happening and to respond quickly to events, the ability to take in new topics and shaping the news agenda — has become the criteria for success in the profession.

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Faced with a similar task in the few edition of our project, we asked the question: how to improve their skills, without being distracted from current Affairs for a long time. The choice, of course, was made in favor of an online format. For us were important parameters such as the relevance of the knowledge, the credibility of the authors of the online course, its novelty, opinions and free access to the content. As a result, we passed the 11 online courses, but not all of them were equally useful. Many of them pushed boring “talking heads” of speakers, platitudes, a large number of theories.

Others, on the contrary, was struck by the depth, rarity and fascination flow. So: the top 5 online courses that will help journalists, copywriters and editors.

The language of contemporary advertising and the media

Advertising and media are talking to consumers in a special language. It differs not only presence of specific expressive means, but also an abundance of manipulative techniques. The course is suitable for both aspiring journalists and professionals. Also, the course is recommended for PR people who want to better understand journalists.

Digital journalism

The development of digital technologies has had a strong effect on the specifics of work of journalists. The modern journalist is “universal soldier”, and the skill of the writer — now is not the only skill that you need to own for news. In his online course, the experts of the information Agency told about the features of shooting and editing, share the secrets of successful interviews and generally reveal all the facets of this profession.

English for journalism

If you have little experience in journalism, and objectively is not enough for writing a serious work, then start your journey with this course. It is designed for non-native English speakers, so students with Intermediate level will be no problem to understand all what is said in lectures. A nice bonus — a lot of special vocabulary.

Community journalist: digital and social media

The course discusses practical cases and provides a step by step instruction on community management for media: how to build a work, on which audience be targeted to develop community and to properly select the most relevant content.

History and theory of media

The course is a head of Laboratory of media studies, head of the master program “Management in media”. In his course he will talk about the role media played in the formation of States, the UPS and downs of the economy and even the change of epochs. You will learn more about the major theories of media studies media.

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