July 13, 2017

Four services to optimize the press

If you are not the first day working in PR, you have probably thought about how much routine work sometimes you have to do to achieve some results. In particular it concerns everything connected with the media. On the one hand, like to send the same impersonal releases on the basis of bad form, but to build personal relationships with dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of journalists enough time not always. Why smart people continue to invent useful services, thanks to which the journalists can be simplified.

We remove some of these headaches, allowing you to answer those queries that is interesting to journalists. But we, to put it mildly, not the only one who thought of this before. Made a selection of useful foreign services, thanks to which you can optimize your media relations without the spam.

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This service is a real godsend for those who still keeps their base media contacts in Excel. The service allows you to add to database of interesting websites and pages (media, bloggers, popular authors), to track activity on these sites, make your own contact database with the ability to monitor feedback and assess the effectiveness of communication. Contact database can be marked on the topics and to create a history of cooperation with a specific blogger or journalist. If on the basis of cooperation with a journalist out of some material, the service itself would take, what coverage were obtained from material — so you can keep track of the most effective sites. Base can be shared with other team members, that they may see the history of your relationship with certain sites. Here is the inner page of the user:

To try the service for free, and then will have to pay $ 24 for a month of use, provided that the service will use two people. Tariff plans differ depending on the number of users and the number of contacts you intend to keep in service.


British service Gorkana helps to access very high-quality database of journalists and to contact journalists. Collected in Gorkana contacts are very good journalists regularly update their data and, moreover, they are really interested in obtaining information from sources. Information received via Gorkana, journalists are very highly regarded is not just release print. Here is the page of the journalist in the service:

What is the reason? In Gorkana you can get only a decent company with decent budgets — the cost of service to each individual company is always individual and you can’t find on the website open rates.

On Gorkana, you can use other functions — for example, monitoring the media and social networks and data analysis. If you are a serious company which intends to work with the British media, the more effective platforms for this is not found.

Muck Rack

Service Muck Rack, as well as Buzzstream allows you to bring order to their media database. In addition, the service can look interesting to you journalists to keep track of their recent publications and write to them. Here is the website of journalist Muck Rack:

Service can be used for some time on demo, but if you want to use advanced options, then the price for them Muck Rack also shows on special request.

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American Help a Reporter Out, which we once inspired the creation of the service essentially allows journalists to find experts for their articles and receive their comments without too much fuss. For PR-specialists and the experts themselves is a great way to get a mention in the media, providing quality comments. The user page looks like this:

The basic functions of the service can be used free of charge for more advanced options will have to pay 19 to $ 149 per month.

We hope that our selection of even a little will help you solve routine problems by working with the media.

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