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Apps for journalists for different purposes

In the twenty-first century, the phone has become an extension of the hand fingers which slide on the screen, running applications that have greatly simplified our lives. Let’s think about how you can use the full potential of your smartphone, if you are a journalist. Call recording Sometimes convenient for the expert time is extremely […]

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Lovely fiction books about journalists

Many famous writers of the past worked in journalism: mark TWAIN, Remarque, Ernest Hemingway, Anton Chekhov and many other workers of the pen once wrote for Newspapers and magazines of his time. Not surprisingly, the profession of a journalist is firmly in the list of heroes of many classic works. We dug through our library […]

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Ten comedy movies about journalists

On the calendar Friday, and that means that on the weekends you’ll want to watch something funny. It is clear that high praise from critics, these films do not pretend, but to laugh can be quite a. Not to offend anyone, we decided to search movies about “writers” journalists, and about those that work on […]

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Books that are worth reading for every journalist

Constant calls from PR people, editorial Board, delivery rooms, a new job… I would Like to sit down and write an article, and not, we have to deal with distracting factors, annoying colleagues and to spend time on paperwork. A familiar situation? To change it will help our useful selection of books. Stress With the […]

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