August 22, 2018

Bookshelf. What do journalists and PR people read

Journalists and PR people, who are usually on different sides of the barricades, are united by one professional trait – a passion for reading. What books inspire them to work hard? Just to read – and, uh, a professional bible for life. Alexabrunet asked his colleagues to delve into the bookshelves and choose their favorite works. That’s what happened.

We present a list of favorite books of PR and journalists, compiled on the basis of our survey in the largest professional group on Facebook. Comments of survey participants are also attached.

“Write, cut back. How to create a stylish text.” Maxim Ilyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva

Absolute leader on the references among the survey participants.

Which of the letters does the person respond sooner? In what way is it easier for him to understand? What is the best incentive for action? The text may not seem to be the most important part of our life – especially if you are not a professional writer. But on how we formulate thoughts on writing, a lot depends: whether we understand or not, whether they listen to us, whether others do what we need and what they think of us. We formulate our thoughts in letters, announcements, articles, presentations, and everywhere we are judged on the text. ”

The book teaches you to set forth your thoughts briefly, clearly and convincingly: without linguistic rubbish, falsity and clichés. Be sure to read for copywriters, authors and editors, as well as designers, programmers, managers, entrepreneurs, managers and anyone who uses the text in the work.

“Goal. The process of continuous improvement.” Elijah Goldrath

The second place in our survey.

An artistic novel about production. The author managed to twist perfectly two completely different narrative lines: the production process and family relations. The book gives practical recommendations for the correct formulation of the goal and its achievement. The main character of the novel has two goals. The purpose of production is to make money. The purpose of marriage is to feel the need for each other, to give the other what he needs. The search for the solution of problems to achieve these two goals, in fact, has a deeply scientific approach, which the author has invested in an engaging artistic form. The book for those who are not looking for a “magic pill”, the book teaches you to think and find the right solutions.

“A bird after a bird. Notes on writing and life in general.” Anne Lamotte

A cult book about writing from the writer. In a witty manner, Ann Lamotte talks about the realities of a writer’s life, which has little to do with literary get-togethers – rather consists of envy, creative crises and desperate battles for each paragraph. A book for those who want to express themselves in words, but do not know where to begin. And for marketers, copywriters, bloggers and all who have to write a lot.

“How to write books.” Stephen King

“Maybe I’m a bit boorish question, but I really, believe me, it’s interesting. If God gave you something that you can do, what the hell do you not do? ”

“A letter is filtered thinking.”

A boy who has once wiped his ass with poison ivy does not belong to the community of intelligent people.”

In the end, the shell creates pearls of mote under the mantle, and not at workshops on creating pearls with the participation of other shells. ”

There are bad writers who write verses about “angry lesbian breasts,” but there are also literate. These are people who understand that, as if the lesbian is not angry, but the breasts will still remain breasts. ”

Absolute masterpiece, masterpiece and a storehouse of ideas from the great Stephen King (by the way, in our time we read this book to the holes).

Do you want to know how the master of horror writes his books and what techniques can he adopt? So you came to the right place.

“Diamond cutter”. Michael Roach

Michael Roach spent more than 20 years in a Tibetan monastery, becoming the first Western man to receive the Geshe degree, or a doctor of Buddhist philosophy. Without experience, money and connections, relying only on Buddhist knowledge of the world, he founded one of the most successful companies in New York. A set of principles that will make the management of the company successful, bring out and strengthen its positions in the market, help jump above the previously set tasks. This book will force you to take a new look at business and your life.

“The boomerang effect in business and in life. Karmic management “. Michael Roach

Continuation of the Diamond Cutter and that says it all.

“Do not work with assholes.” Robert Sutton

Very important tips for getting rid of unnecessary people in working contacts. ”

“The word is alive and dead.” Nora Gal

Nora Gal is an outstanding translator of English and French literature, the mediums of which translate such masterpieces as “The Little Prince” of Saint Exupery, “The Stranger” Camus, “Kill the Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The book is dedicated to the artistic translation and represents the quintessence of Nora Gale’s experience as an editor and translator.

“Important years. Why not postpone life for later?” Meg Jay

Dr. Meg Jay, clinical psychologist, argues that the age from 20 to 32 years is the most important decade in a person’s life in terms of developing important spheres of life: work, love, physical and intellectual development. The book is based on a ten-year work with hundreds of students and clients, combining current scientific research and real stories of those who entered the third decade. The book contains all the necessary tools for the most effective use of the most important ten years.

And for a snack – that’s what fiction literature is read by journalists and PR people on long winter evenings.

“A source.” Ayn Rand

“Atlas Shrugged.” Ayn Rand

“My double life.” Sarah Bernhardt

“The Adventures of Major Zvyagin.” Michael Weller

“Extraordinary adventures of Julio Jurenito and his students.” Ilya Ehrenburg

The main character with the unexpected name of Julio and the equally unexpected name Jurenito is an ideal PR man who started with killing kittens and reached his career before the revolutions and bloody terror. Highly recommend”.

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