May 23, 2017

Books that are worth reading for every journalist

Constant calls from PR people, editorial Board, delivery rooms, a new job… I would Like to sit down and write an article, and not, we have to deal with distracting factors, annoying colleagues and to spend time on paperwork. A familiar situation? To change it will help our useful selection of books.

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With the help of this book you clearly define the boundaries of what you are really responsible and what really can do yourself; and fulfilling your responsibilities at a high level, will feel the satisfaction of a job well done, will put the tasks in order of priority, learn to control your emotions to influence other people to correctly understand them. And, in addition, will learn special exercises — respiratory, physical, mental — which will reduce internal stress; Professional business psychologist Sharon Miller for more than 10 years studying development techniques that stress, and this book describes a method, which is successfully used by thousands of people, past her training.

The maximum concentration

What we do during the working day, sometimes it’s hard to call it work. After all, we are a hundred times a day check the mail, randomly switching from one task to another, look into mobile applications, while managing to discuss the details of the projects on the office phone. In this case, we open a million tabs in your browser with websites, spreadsheets, reports… If you’ve reached that boiling point, the advice of a psychologist with 35 years of experience Lucy Jo Palladino you definitely will help. Lucy offers practical solutions for everyone who is dealing with a large number of tasks and cannot fully concentrate on each of them.

Don’t work with assholes

How to communicate with people that interfere with productive work. You can call such people pests, bullies, despots, selfish, torturers. In any case you have faced and are facing them at work — with the destructive representatives of the collective who bring suffering and problems to their colleagues and reduce the performance of the entire organization. Robert Sutton in his book not only tells how it happens, but also shows how to modify the peers to part with those whom you cannot change, how to reduce the harm to the company and to establish healthy relationships in the workplace.

To write professionally

Don’t blame laziness and lack of discipline that I cannot start writing. Blame procrastination and perfectionism, the root — fear. After reading this book, you will be able to write in a disciplined, responsible and with more energy. Author and lecturer Hillary Rettig deeply and thoroughly explores the main causes of low productivity of writers: lack of time, procrastination, striving for perfection, prejudice, mixed feelings, external requirements and pressure from publishers, the inefficient organization of the working process and tells how to deal with them.


Lessons on strength of will from the teacher of Stanford. This course is very popular among the students all want to strengthen the will power. Psychologist, Dr. Kelly Mcgonigal proves that willpower can be trained like a muscle: the more you train, the easier it is to use. Callie talks about how the position “10 minutes working on a task, and then will be able to give up”, greatly increasing the chances of bringing the case to the end. It turns out that sleep and rest is the most direct way to strengthen willpower, and stress — reducing. The fact that a busy body is struggling to send us to the pleasure, even questionable from the point of view of long-term goals.

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