August 4, 2017

Apps for journalists for different purposes

In the twenty-first century, the phone has become an extension of the hand fingers which slide on the screen, running applications that have greatly simplified our lives. Let’s think about how you can use the full potential of your smartphone, if you are a journalist.

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Call recording

Sometimes convenient for the expert time is extremely inconvenient for the journalist. The call can be heard during dinner or an important event, and in writing to answer inquiries many kind of lazy. In fact, the developers have solved this problem and have come up to us application for recording calls. We personally recommend TapeACallPro for owners of iPhones and Call Recorder for Android lovers.

Both apps are paid, but they are worth it. For the first you will have to pay $ 10, and for the second — $ 7. For fans of freebies, I can advise to Tinker with the similar features of Google Voice. But to be honest, it is not so convenient.


To find a convenient and functional application for easy recording endless interviews, press-conferences, press-approaches, briefings and meetings in the Ministry (anything can happen) — the problem not of the easiest. Especially when you consider that many of them are paid, and iPhones, for example, there is a totally free recorder. But for those who are not accustomed to be content with a minimum of advice a few applications for advanced media workers.

We recommend you to pay your critical gaze toward the AudioNote program that not only works on iPhones and androids, and on a PC (Mac and Windows). In addition, the voice recording function here is very good, then there is a separate provision of the opportunity to make notes and even images during recording, and then combine it all in one file. All can be saved to iCloud and Dropbox.

Another problem — the sound quality in applications. Especially if we are talking about the interview in a noisy cafe or on any hardcore production. For these cases, we recommend the free (for now) app Rev Voice Recorder. Works on iPhones and Android devices, the sound quality is great. For English-speaking users, the service even offers transcripts that make real people — only$ 1 per minute.

Still familiar with a situation where even an interesting speaker spreads the idea of the tree, and then — Bang — and say something sensational for the beating in the face of the header. But to trace these moments and painful minutes to write notes in a notebook and then carefully listen and decipher — very tiring. Very cool app Cogi helps you not only to record but also to highlight particularly important points of the interview. That is, the speaker a Lil water, Lily, and then began to speak something important. You only need to slam your finger in a mug entry, and the app will give you this piece of speech. When the speaker will again begin to pour the water, you can return the entry to normal mode. The basic app is free, but you can buy additional options — for example, for the best sound quality.

Writing and editing

It so happens that the text we have to write literally on the go or in the subway, in order not to lose precious time. I can recommend two great apps for writers on the move: Byword and iA Writer.

Minimalistic Byword runs on MacOS, 12$) and iOS (6$). Thanks to him, you can begin to write a note in the subway and continue to have on the workplace. There is a very nice for web authors and bloggers a function of the HTML code, which you then copy and paste into the website without fear of “move out” format.

iA we liked it too because of its minimalistic design and because of the fact that it really gives you the opportunity to write on the go. Simultaneously, it selects only one current offer, saving you the temptation to edit previously written. Costs $ 5 for iOS and Android and $20 for Mac.

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All have become accustomed to the fact that journalists have to be writers, and photographers at the same time? In General, for these poor fellows came up with a wonderful solution that allows you to send the image to “mirror” smartphone (but then, of course, it is possible to pass to the editor in place text sensational news from the event).

We (seriously) don’t know how it works, but the pictures miraculously fall without any cables and card readers to your phone. In General, we just say it’s this thing called Eye-Fi SD card. This is a small card that actually makes the camera modem. This is stray well — $30 for 8GB and $80 for 16GB, but it works on all popular operating systems.

(Okay, you got us — this is not an app. But do not enable this miraculous thing in the list we just are unable).


Frankly, we have a weakness for Evernote. There you can maintain the lists, the do worksheets, discuss, and edit with my wife a shopping list, attach pictures, links and video, but the most important thing is to record brilliant ideas, when they suddenly came over you in the night.

But we know that service is much criticized because of the slightly crooked interface and synchronization. So I can recommend even OneNote, SimpleNote and Google Keep. The good news is that the basic functions of these applications are free.

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