October 12, 2017

7 TED speeches about journalism

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Media is a complex, resource-intensive and constantly changing world, which is morally very difficult to survive: the fruits of your labors quickly become obsolete, you yourself are in the eternal race for new news on you from all sides under pressure from the society, the editor and the advertising Department, but chances are that after a week about your work no one will remember. The best journalists of the world talk at the TED conference about how to be professional and to do thus the world is much better than it is. We have prepared your favorite selection of inspiring TED video about journalists, journalism and media.

  1. How the media change our perception of the world

CEO of Public Radio International Alisa Miller speculates about why the modern media really tell us much less than we would like to know.

  1. Timeless news

The media expert kirk citron began thinking about what the headlines will be remembered by people 100 years after their release. Anyway — are there timeless news or is it always a perishable product?

  1. Why the world needs WikiLeaks?

Not a classical lecture, but rather an interview. Internet activist Julian Assange raises a lot of complex issues, and in particular where the security boundary in information. What you need to hide from citizens, and what is not? Why WikiLeaks sooner or later had to appear?

  1. Why the media need more women

Journalist Megan Kamerick talks about how suffering as the world of journalism because of the infringement of the votes of women journalists and women sources.

  1. How to tell your story to the world

Blogger Ethan Zuckerman taught us that modern history, thanks to the Internet have no borders. Being in the same country, we can read the news of another country. However, the barrier still is — the language. So what you need to do to tell your story around the world?

  1. Why we need to invest in a free press?

Serbian journalist Sasa Vucinic talks about why modern society is so important to financially support the independent press. But how can you consider media as the subject of venture capital investments?

  1. Freedom of speech, democracy and self-censorship

David Putnam is thinking about the boundaries of freedom of mass media in modern democratic societies. Putnam claims that every media imposed a public duty to objectively inform, not to attack objectionable institutions.

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