May 12, 2017

7 alternative professions for journalism

Recently read an amazing news: disillusioned in their work, the reporter (and winner of an Emmy, by the way) got a job… a porn star. Here is what happens with constant pressure and demands of the profession. Don’t do that.

Well, for us it was an occasion to ponder where, in fact, it is possible to leave the profession, if you bothered the hell out of journalism.

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Of course, it’s a classic — to leave journalism and to go over to the other side, often more cash. But then it is better to think ten times because PR is not always associated directly with the press, and so have not really trained person may experience cognitive dissonance. Incidentally, we previously wrote about the challenges a journalist can face who have chosen the profession of PR.

Commercial writer

It’s not fashionable to be called a copywriter. Moreover, this word became known as such a number of different people that it seems the market has generally ceased to understand — and who are copywriters and what they do.

So we decided to find a more General, but more intuitive definition is a commercial writer. Here everything is clear — this is the person who writes the lyrics for the commercial organizations. These texts can be different, but I hasten to warn you that today is the big specialty. Therefore it is not necessary to think that if you spend your life writing about the beauty industry, texts about the layout of the bottom hole Assembly will have the same incendiary. By the way, does not the fact that you immediately learn how to write commercial texts, if you have a good editorial. And there are a number of issues about which it is better to know in advance. We also wrote.

Financial analyst, specialist in IR

Of course, this work will be given only to those who are good at thinking in Economics and wrote a lot about Finance and banks during journalistic work. In this case, you probably understand how to read financial statements, how to examine the market and understand what motivates investors. This is usually enough to start a career in banking or in the Finance Department of a large public company. Therefore, the most popular there are two options — to become a financial analyst (for introverts) or a specialist in investor relations (for extroverts as well as introverts who don’t want to kill people when they distract from the case).


Own a business option for those who are fed up with not only journalism, but also the mercenary work. Especially the chances are great those who are for the time of work I managed to communicate to a large and successful business. And it’s not even so much the right connections, but in the fact that you are in this time had time to be inspired by success stories of entrepreneurs and to think that you, in General, no worse. So if you have long dreamed of a flower shop, a carpentry workshop or some more advanced business — then why not? By the way, the founder of our service Constantine Boczarski at the time did.


Let us not have any illusion that fiction can earn something, unless of course, you are the moon or don’t write children’s books about a boy magician. But the scenario thing seems to be breathing new life — the private TV channels almost in batches every season launch new projects and series, which is usually a whole team of writers. Don’t like TV — go to the movies. Due to paid product placement (and not only him), the Directors learned, finally, to find funding for their projects. But this option will suit you only if you really are attracted to something more or less artistic and you have a talent for it. The path of a writer in his time and chose the popular British journalist Gavin Scott.


It was 10 years ago decided to laugh at the people who thought blogging my main profession. Today it is not at all funny and not ashamed. Even the young bloggers earn from advertising on their sites from hundreds of thousands of rubles up to several million a month! Imagine what you can do with your professionalism, knowledge of audience and the ability to work with information?

By the way, if the wife nags you long ago about the fact that you are constantly playing computer games, and it is possible to use in a future career: earns a couple million a month just on payments to its viewers.

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If none of the above you do not fancy, and the soul is not absolutely useless, you can always go back to basics and work as a waiter in a nice place for you. Do not rush to throw rocks — in contrast to most of the above options, this is the only one that almost cannot be linked to journalistic work, does not imply excessive mental load and does not even require special knowledge of the language. So, this work will give you the opportunity to take a breath. So, you never know — maybe this is your chance to start a new life on a quiet Italian coast, sitting in a small local restaurant. And there, staring, and creative crisis has passed.

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