September 5, 2018

6 life hacks, how to make the article interesting

How to make the article interesting and easily perceived for any reader?

The most frequent question asked by PR people is: “How should we accommodate ourselves?”.

Alas, only a few of them think about the final result. PR specialists for some reason are sure that having got their information into the major federal media, they have already solved their problem.

However, I want to remind you of a rather trivial thing: the media today, especially when it comes to the Internet, are increasingly engaged in the delivery of content and increasingly with its packaging.

For a specific article, photographic tape, infographics, a user can come in many ways – through news aggregators, from social networks, instant messengers or email-sending, with the help of search engines and partner media, finally. Therefore, now as never before it is important not only where you publish your content, but also in what form you publish it.

  1. Useful

Advise! We live in a world where everything that people do not know, they are looking for on the Internet. Life hacks, “cards”, just articles with several subtitles – everything can be claimed in the presence, of course, of relevant expert experience.

In doing so, try to formulate the topics of your recommendations so that they correspond to the time of the year and the market situation. It is not necessary to tell in a 30-degree heat how to choose New Year’s toys, and in the economic crisis to offer the top 10 most expensive jewelry as a gift.

  1. Nostalgia

In childhood, as you know, ice cream was tastier, and the grass is greener. If you can enter your product into the associative series of the past, then do not hesitate to do it. The retro theme will always be in vogue, and if a person can compare how his life differs from the life of his grandparents, he will definitely finish reading the material to the end and even repost it.

  1. Scarecrow

Do you like horror movies? I am very, first of all, for the feeling of relief that you experience when you realize that you are sitting in your favorite chair under a cozy blanket and eat delicious cookies.

Security is a basic human need, so he will always be interested in publications about the catastrophes of the past and threats of the present or future.

I emphasize that the purpose of the editorial board is not to frighten the reader. Horror for the horror of leaving the film industry. We thus draw attention to serious problems with real estate (or other spheres of life) and give solutions to them. So, in November we wrote an article with the title “Ten stalemate situations with real estate, in which it is better not to get”, it keeps in the tops of the views for the second month in a row.

  1. Cool

Each of us is guilty of at least one crime on the Internet – timekilling. And sometimes I just want to breathe out in a difficult working environment and switch to something for a couple of minutes, not requiring grand mental efforts. It is at this point, as a rule, in the course go seals, memes and texts with headlines like “Top-10 most beautiful medieval castles.”

  1. An Occasion

“Scandals, intrigues, investigations” – such a slogan was a well-known television program. He turned to the internal detective in his TV viewers, to the desire to understand how the world of show business or politics actually works.

In principle, such a secret researcher can be used in less shocking purposes. Try to tell how your plant, restaurant, workshop works – and you will be surprised how many people are interested in your business. It is important only that the material is present at least a couple of details, “about which so far no one knows.”

  1. Holywar

More than arguing, people like to read other people’s arguments. Therefore, if your speaker is not afraid of open discussion, then boldly go to the genre of the column, and it is better with a topic that is ambiguous and can cause objections and find opponents. Unexpected plus can be the continuation of the dialogue that you started in one media, in several others.

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