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Robot journalism Part 2

The 3rd risk, software writing A personal authorship has been launched by the Web. One another will be informed by huge numbers of people . Toughest of – having although free of charge a wish that is wonderful. We digest info, carefully chosen to match our pursuits, although yes, the Web is saturated in rubbish. […]

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Robot journalism Part 1

In-may 2015 Horsley Scott, a reporter for NPR within the white house along with a former company correspondent, put a problem, the publishing formula Wordsmith of the organization Automatic Observations. “We desired to understand, creates NPR, as myself will be proven by our pencil from the vehicle.” For fast emails, the biography-correspondent was educated enough […]

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How to Write Critical Thinking Paper

Critical reasoning demands you to address to the subject by means of various perspectives. “Critical” means that you have to come to the subject with more acute knowledge of deceptions, lacking information together with various contradictions. At the same time, do not forget to find out more about generalizations, which have been constructed regarding the […]

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4 tips to achieve the attention of a journalist

The foreign word “pitch” has long ago taken root in professional PR slang. If suddenly someone does not know what “pitch” is a short message to a reporter sent to pay attention to your company and may have written about her. This can be an e-mail, phone call or social media message. We drew attention […]

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