How to change the media by 2020?

Media from year to year is changing rapidly. For journalists, chief editors and publishers is especially important to understand in which direction the changes occur. We talked to the headliners of the forum “3D Journalism” about the trends that now shape the future of media.   From individualism to Hyper-local media “People no longer refer […]

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Useful apps for recording interviews

An interview is different — in person, phone, Skype, and now even writing. And in most cases the most boring stage of the work is a translation of hex in an interview in readable text. This is especially annoying when the speaker (and you yourself) have not followed the time and now you have to decipher […]

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The text about the modern mass media Part 2

The same applies to the relations of the sexes. In men’s magazines such as Maxim themes that will make any self-respecting feminist to choke with indignation, is not uncommon. At the same time, almost any topic about feminism on Wonderzine in the interpretation of many men is interpreted as “What started that? And I like […]

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Sources of images for journalists

When creating content for the media, and business (PR, marketing) always need images to illustrate the text. Let’s consider the most accessible sources for legal images for media and PR from the point of view of convenience, cost and pitfalls. First, let’s say a few words about why it is important to the legality of […]

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Free publicity tools for your personal brand

Free publicity is a term that has long taken root in the West. Solo-entrepreneurs and professionals of the helping professions such as coaches, psychologists, consultants, owners of small and medium businesses, author’s personal projects and bloggers – I know that this is  free publicity opens a fantastic opportunity for a personal PR and their business. […]

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A few things journalists need to know about copywriting

The crisis in the country-the crisis and reflect on any additional sources of income has become absolutely normal. Regular spin doctors begin to advise and do work on the side, journalists are beginning to write commercial texts. But what is interesting: despite the fact that copywriters and journalists create texts, often from copywriters get so […]

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